Draught wines


T hey are the novelty of the moment and have all the conditions to succeed. The stores that sell draught wines have the merit to counter two major problems of our world: the expensive cost and landfills increasingly full. For the consumer has become a habit to buy detergent, pasta, olive oil, wine, shampoo, perfumes and many other products, all made in bulk, weight and draft, without the packaging industry. Because the bulk and distributors to plug like so much?

First, because the savings are substantial, with prices even lower by 50-70% compared to traditional products. In addition, environmental awareness plays a decisive role in the success of health food stores in bulk. You do not need large areas and the initial investment is not high. With mark-ups in excess of 100% on niche products and low cost of ownership you can return on investment in a limited time and create a satisfactory income.

W hy buy draught wines?

Buying and drinking draught wine is perhaps a new way to bring to the table the wine, but it is also a return to the origins almost forgotten. It gives you the opportunity to save on a daily shopping without sacrificing the quality and authenticity that are guaranteed by serious companies and certified. Were estimated savings ranging from 40 to 60% for the final customer, compared to the traditional shopping. By purchasing the bulk you buy the content and not the container, avoiding the need to pay even the cap, the label, the counter / label, capsule, packaging, packing, and a bottle that will certainly be discarded after the first use. In this way the wine can cost less and, moreover, it contributes to helping the environment, reducing waste and transport expenses. Since 2000 the amount of packaging ended up in the trash increased by 9%, or one million tons (fonte: Coldiretti).


Because it is like buying directly from the winery, thus shortening the chain that leads from the producer to the final consumer. Also evokes the memories OSTERIA or FRASCHETTA, where all of us have at least once buy good wine for the table every day. The stainless steel barrels dedicated to the preservation of wine in bulk, ensure the hygiene and quality of the products. In addition, it is our policy supplies frequent and thorough cleaning of the barrels before each discharge. In this way the wines are always fresh and is not necessary to use stabilizers and preservatives, products frequently used in supermarkets and which are the basis of intolerance for many consumers. To keep your wine as just bought remembers bottled within 24 hours of purchase! Often we think of wine "bulk" as a wine of very low quality, anonymous, undifferentiated, produced mainly by wineries and sold in tanks before being packaged in liter bottles, pints, small carboys. Today there are an increasing number of cases where the quality of the wine in bulk has little to envy to that of the wine in the bottle. Years of technological, scientific and cultural progress in the wine industry, have served to improve this product. The bulk rose by 18% and represents one third of total exports of Italian wine. There are major chains that buy wine in bulk and then bottle them in their countries (from Canada to Sweden) with labels declaring the Italian origin. In Germany, the bulk made ​​in Italy rose by 21%.