The territory

The territory


T he Calabria, rough, strong and fruitful earth, is a place of enchanting beauty, rich of solemn mountains and majestic forest, steep pads, wild river and beaches with clear and crystalline water. These wonderful landscapes leave in the depths an indelible memory of past ages where nature, culture and tradition blend together, recalling the history of the people who lived and shaped it over the centuries. Thanks to the territorial morphological conformation, that is very different in the various areas of Calabria, and thanks to the Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot and dry summers, the grounds offer the best growth conditions for the plantation of grapes.

The Melissa's area consist of calcareous and clayey soils, that favor the production of full-bodied wines with an excellent aroma, with lively color and strong alcohol content.

O ur estates are located in the town of Melissa in different zones:

Umbra, Cerza, Santa Cernina, Saccurà.

I vigneti e la Cantina si trovano nel COMUNE DI MELISSA ZONA DOC CIRÓ.
The vineyards located in Umbra are the largest in our farm. Here we cultivate Gaglioppo, for the production of red wines, and White Greek, for the production of white wines. This estate, of 6 hectares, is characterized by well-defined micro areas; the ground, in fact, varies from clay to medium dough. The rest is surrounded by trees and ditches. All these elements give a perspective that can best capture the panorama of Melissa.
I vitigni di quest'area appartengono da tempi remoti alla famiglia De Luca e sono indirizzati alla coltivazione di uve Gaglioppo con allevamento ad alberello, circondati tutt'intorno da colline e alberi. Il terreno si presenta argilloso.
Santa Cernina Altri vigneti di Gaglioppo si trovano in zona Santa Cernina tutti attorno la nostra cantina, Saccurà, Piccolo vigneto