Cirò D.O.C. rosè

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Ciro D.O.C.Rosè

T The color is between rose petal-shaded rosé and quiet cherry, a sparkling and lively wine with charming fragrances of rose ,red cherry , raspberries with citrus fruits tones and a soft hint of pepper. On the palate it is full- bodied, fresh with youthful acidity and persistent fruity notes.

Sensory characteristics:


quiet cherry.


delicate with pleasant fruity notes .


its freshness and the right flavor in harmony with the fruity make it pleasant and easy to drink.


A termine della fermentazione il vino viene tenuto sui lieviti per circa un due mesi con successivo affinamento in acciaio, fino all’imbottigliamento. L’imbottigliato viene normalmente stoccato per circa 15/20 giorni prima dell’immissione sul mercato.


Particolarmente indicato per aperitivi, piatti delicati a base di carni bianche e pesce.

Data sheet

Production area:                       Cirò and Cirò Marina, in Prov. Crotone

Typology:                                    rosè
Altitude of the vineyards : 150 m above sea level
Soil :                                       chalky and clay
Grape:                                     Gaglioppo

System of growing:                horizontal spurred cordon
Density of plantation:           5000 plants per hectare
Yield per hectare:                  80-85 quintals
Pest control:                 pesticide fight with a controlled environmental impact


Harvest period: second half of September ,first week of October

Harvest method: Handpicked

Winemaking process : grapes are de-stemmed and left to macerate for 8-10 hours , then we performing repeated pumping  for 7-10 days, followed by racking and pressing of the pomace. The obtained must completes the fermentation at a controlled temperature in thermo-conditioned stainless steel tanks.
Ageing: After fermentation, the wine is kept on the lees for about two months with subsequent aging steel until bottling. The bottling is normally stored for 15-20 days.

Sensory characteristics:

Color : quiet cherry
Bouquet: delicate with pleasant fruity notes
Taste: its freshness and the right flavor in harmony with the fruity make it pleasant and easy to drink. .
Serving suggestions: Especially recommended for aperitifs, delicate dishes of white meat and fish.

Serving temperature: 13-15 ° C

Alcohol content:  13°